Undoubtedly trifled remains the most widespread, fastest growing and dangerous of all the alien weeds.  Generally under control, its eradication remains an ongoing process.

Over the greater part of Umdoni Park the other weeds are also under control by our weed eradication team who work full time removing these invasive species. The exception is pereskia where it grows in largely inaccessible parts of the Nkambane river gorge. To eradicate it will require a concentrated effort of a larger weed control unit for quite a considerable period of time. This weed creeps high into trees, has vicious thorns, breaks off easily, each fragment possessing enormous regrowth capacity even after long periods of time so that cut pieces have to be burnt. Pereskia control is thus much more time consuming.

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triffidweedChromoleana odorata
Triffid Weed
lantanaLantana camara
castoroilRicinus communis
Castor-oil Plant
bugweedSolanum mauritianum
barbadosgoosePereskia aculeata
Barbados Gooseberry